What is nanomedicine ? (the easy way!)

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Nanomedicine – Explorateur de nanotechnologies pour la santé (in french)

A leem biotech conference on innovation and nanomedicine

Conférence Biotech : Laurent Levy par LeemFrance

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Nanomedicine – Leem – nano for treatment (in french)

Nanomedicine is defined as the application of nanotechnology to achieve breakthroughs in healthcare. It exploits the improved and often novel physical, chemical and biological properties of materials at the nanometer scale…

Magazine de l’innovation n°5 – Les… par LeemFrance

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“Five years from now every pharma will have a nano program”; Bioeurope 2013

AstraZeneca, nanomedicine, bioEurope

Detlev Biniszkiewicz, AstraZeneca

While there are 49 products on the market incorporating nanoparticles, there are four times that many now moving through the pipeline with half of those already in Phase II or Phase III trials.

In his role as vice chair for the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine, Laurent Levy described the state of the emerging field of nanotherapeutics to set the context for a special workshop at BIO-Europe® 2013 asking, ” Is nano becoming the next sweet spot for drug development?”

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First steps of Translation Advisory Board from ETP Nanomedicine

photo williamparra.comThe ETPN and the NANOMED2020 project conducted in the recent years different mapping activities in order to gain a comprehensive overview of the nanomedicine community in Europe and to support the identification of gaps and needs for a more effective translation.
In addition to an inefficient selection process of translatable projects, there is a lack of technical infrastructures, such as pharmacology and toxicology facilities, which have experience with and can support nanotechnology-based innovation in healthcare for both SMEs and academics. Building these infrastructures will keep nanomedicine research in Europe and will contribute to re-industrialisation by making the EU more competitive in nanomedi
cine development. As a consequence the ETPN proposes as a main structural action to introduce a Translation Hub, as an umbrella for a set of complementary actions/initiatives

As part of the Translation Hub, ETPN has created a dedicated Nanomedicine Translation Advisory Board (TAB), with experienced industrial experts, who will apply horizontal innovation filters on R&D proposals from academics and SMEs to select, guide and push forward the best translatable concepts…

  5.3 Establishing the TAB – Laurent Levy – ETPN GA 2013.pdf

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